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The Egg Board Comes with Plenty of Benefits for All Kinds of Surfers

Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you’re looking for a new surfboard, there are plenty of things to consider, but the basic design is obviously going to be the most important concern. If you’re looking for something a little fun, it might be time to think about adding an egg board to your collection. These are between the length of a longboard and a shortboard, and they derive their name from their very rounded tips and tails. Here are just a few reasons why they’re great to own. Egg Boards Combine Balance with Fun  Egg boards can be great for all surfers, but they’re particularly beneficial for beginner or intermediate surfers who want the chance to hone their skills before moving from the stability afforded by a longboard to an agile yet less stable shortboard. Because of their design, egg boards have quite a lot of surface area. This provides the stability that you need to stand erect while dealing with higher speeds and tighter turns. However, their shorter length compared to longboards give them a touch of fun and manoeuvrability. If you need to hone your skills, an egg board should prove perfect. Egg Boards Are Great for Tackling Smaller Waves Maybe you’ve been surfing as far back as you can remember and have absolutely no trouble carving up waves while riding the shortest of shortboards. You clearly won’t need an egg for their stability, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your nose up; egg boards are also ideal for riding smaller waves. As all surfers understand, smaller waves lack both the power and the shape to propel a shortboard forward. That can get a little annoying for veteran surfers who want to catch some waves but aren’t in the mood for riding a longboard. The extra volume of an egg board and their wider angles mean that you can still catch those smaller waves, and have more fun riding them than you ever would with a longboard. Egg Boards Are Great for Paddling If you live near a beach where you need to paddle out a fair way before catching a wave, egg boards can really save you some energy. Their width and thickness means that they ride quite high in the water, staying afloat more easily and reducing the amount of energy you need to expend paddling out to catch a wave compared to a shortboard. At the same time, they’re far easier to carry out of the water than a big and heavy...

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3 Top Tips for Buying a Used Caravan for the First Time

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A caravan can be a worthwhile investment if you and your family enjoy camping. Instead of sleeping in a tent, a caravan can offer added comfort and safety, which can make the camping experience memorable, especially for kids. However, budgetary constraints do not allow many people to buy new caravans. As an alternative, used caravans are ideal for those on a low budget. However, before buying one, you will need some useful pointers to guide you. Check out these tips to point you in the right direction when purchasing a used caravan. Best Deals You should first know where you can get the best deals on used caravans in order to save money. Look out for vehicle auctions in your locality or advertisements in your local newspapers. Furthermore, your local car dealers can also be a starting point when you want better deals on used caravans. Moreover, many dealers want to maintain their good reputation; hence, they will only sell well-maintained caravans. Furthermore, opt for sellers who offer warranties on second-hand caravans. Also, buy the caravan at a time when sellers are bringing in new vehicles, and thus, they are in a hurry to clear old stock. The condition of the Caravan There are some things that you should cross off your checklist, in terms of the state of the caravan, before making the purchase. The first thing is to ask is if the seller has some form of documentation that will show you how the caravan has been maintained over the years. As you know, the outside appearance can easily deceive you; therefore, a servicing history is the only sure way of guaranteeing that you will get value for money. Additionally, ask for documentation that shows the age, previous owner(s) and location of the caravan. The Size of the Caravan Since you will be towing your caravan, you should know the size that you intend to purchase based on the towing capacity of your vehicle. Will you be towing the caravan with your vehicle or will you be contracting a towing company? A large caravan will offer comfort that a small one cannot provide. For example, you will have sufficient kitchen space, a washing area, and adequate room to bring your friends and family along for the ride. However, when you need a small space for your family alone, a small caravan can be convenient but less costly. Ideally, the whole point of buying a second-hand caravan is to save money but enjoy the comfort that a new one will provide. However, any sensible person should know that dealing with used vehicles requires one to make major concessions. If it comes down to it, never sacrifice your safety and that of your family for the comfort of the caravan’s interior. For more information, talk to a professional like Arrow...

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Don’t Get All Wet! What to Remember When Considering a Charter Boat or Hire

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Chartering or hiring a boat is a great way to enjoy your holiday without worrying about navigating unfamiliar waters or trying to manage a boat and your fishing gear at the same time. However, chartering a boat is not like renting a car, especially if you choose one with its own captain and crew to be onboard while the boat is in use. If you’re considering a charter boat or hire, note a few things to remember and then discuss these with the chartering agency so you know you’re prepared and are ready for some fun. 1. Ask about weather restrictions Note if you should expect to cancel the boating trip because of any type of weather conditions, and remember that things can look fine from the shore, but storms may be forming a few miles or kilometers away that make boating dangerous. A boat charter company may be able to tell you a particular website to monitor that offers storm alerts for boaters, and may ask that you call an hour ahead or so if there are any alerts so that you can confirm if the boat is still safe to hire that day or if they will need to cancel your trip. 2. Always ask about alcohol and radios If you’re thinking of having a party when you’re on the boat, be sure you ask if alcohol and radios are permitted. Some captains may not allow alcohol in order to ensure their passengers don’t get too rowdy, and they may not allow radios that would disturb other boaters. Before you make plans, always note if there are restrictions on these types of things. 3. Ask what licenses are needed for fishing In many cases, you don’t need a license to fish if you hire a boat with a captain, as his or her license will cover all the passengers onboard. The cost of the boat rental may also include a one-day license for you and anyone else you’re bringing. However, don’t assume this is the case as some travelers in certain areas will generally have their own licenses, and a boat rental agency may not provide an additional license. Rather than assume that you don’t need any paperwork or anything additional when renting a boat, be safe and ask if you need to get a fishing license and any special type of license, such as one for deep sea fishing or certain varieties of fish. If you’re looking to hire a boat, visit Bluey’s Boat...

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Tennis Court Maintenance Tips – Caring For Artificial Grass

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you like the look of grass courts but want a surface that can be used all year round, you could opt for an artificial turf playing surface instead of the real thing.  Although artificial turf doesn’t require much maintenance, you still need to look after it to keep it in top condition.  Read on to find out more. Grooming the court Strange as it sounds, you will need to brush your court on a weekly basis.  This helps to lift the fibres and keep them upright, ensuring an even playing surface.  A stiff yard brush is the best tool to use for this job. Once you’ve brushed the court, it’s a good idea to vacuum it too.  This gets rid of any residual dust and helps to lift the pile of the surface.  You can rinse your court with clean water during very dry spells to help keep dust down and freshen up the surface. Weeds and other organic debris It’s important to remove fallen leaves and other wind-blown debris from your court as quickly as possible.  Decaying organic matter can cause issues with the court’s drainage, as well as providing food for weeds. Your artificial grass tennis court will have been constructed with a membrane underneath it.  The membrane will be effective at keeping out most weeds, but some shallow-rooted varieties may appear during the spring and summer.  All you need to do to get rid of them is to pull them out and burn them.  Particularly persistent weeds can be dealt with by spraying them with a small dose of water-based weedkiller. Stains In the event that something stains your artificial courts, a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid should lift away most surface marks.  Oil and grease can be removed using a dab of white spirit on a clean cloth. Foreign objects and other hazards Try to ensure that sharp objects and glass are not brought onto your court.  If something sharp pierces the turf, it could penetrate the membrane, damaging your drainage and encouraging the invasion of weeds. Remember that artificial turf is composed of plastic-type material, so it could be damaged by anything very hot.  Don’t allow people to smoke on or near to your courts, as a dropped cigarette butt could burn a hole in the surface.  If you’re planning on having an after match barbecue, make sure the cook-out happens at a safe distance. If you have kids, don’t let them pick at the blades of ‘grass’ on your court as this can result in bald patches that will ruin the playing surface.  Similarly, check your court fencing regularly to make it is secure and free from holes that could allow animals to enter.  Although it’s not possible for wildlife to dig holes in the artificial turf, they could still cause damage that will spoil the surface. In conclusion Artificial turf makes a great playing surface that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.  Keep your courts in great condition by following the maintenance and care tips given above....

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Important Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Caravan Trailer

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A caravan or camping trailer can be a great investment for a family, as it means saving on the cost and hassle of hotel rooms when you go on vacation. Some seniors also choose caravan trailers for travel after they retire or to actually live in after the kids have moved out of the house. When you’re ready to invest in a caravan trailer, note a few tips for making the right selection. 1. Space versus ease of travel You may want a lot of space for your family for vacation, but note how easy it would be to manoeuvre with a long trailer behind your car or truck and if you have room to store the trailer during the off-season. Paying for a storage facility for a longer trailer eats into the savings you would otherwise enjoy and makes it more difficult to access your trailer when planning a trip. A good compromise is to choose a trailer with slide-outs or pop-ups, so you can have added sleeping or living space once your caravan is parked at your destination. 2. Weight Be sure you know the towing capacity of your vehicle and remember that you need to consider the weight of a caravan when you’re towing water in the storage tanks and if you use the trailer to haul any type of sporting goods. You may not think of your vacation accessories as being very heavy, but if you buy the largest trailer your vehicle can tow, even these smaller items can put it over that weight limit. In turn, you may put wear and tear on your vehicle engine and also reduce your gas mileage significantly.  You especially want to consider this if you regularly visit the mountains or any such area where you would need to get your vehicle up a steep incline with the weight of the trailer behind you. In some cases, you may not even be able to control your vehicle in those conditions with a very heavy caravan trailer.  3. Consider your campgrounds and travels Do you normally stay at rustic campgrounds without showers and other such facilities? If so, you might invest in a trailer that has a toilet and shower. Being without these things can get very tiresome very quickly. If you tend to move your trailer from campground to campground, you want to ensure you get one that is easy to hook up, fold up, and otherwise prepare for your next move. A trailer with slide-outs that operate electronically rather than with a crank can be a faster and easier choice on...

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Tips for buying a boat for the first time

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Buying a boat is a common long term goal for many people. You may have decided that it is now or never and are looking at new boats for sale. This decision may have been sparked by you reaching a certain age, your children moving out of the house or thanks to economic circumstances. Many people don’t act on their desires to buy a boat because they have a fear of the unknown. They feel that they might make a mistake when choosing a boat, have an accident or face any other host of problems. While these are all factors to consider, here is some advice that will make your boat buying process a bit easier. Choose the right boat type There are a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to buying a boat. Be very specific on what your needs are for your boat. Most recreational boats are predominantly used for one of three uses; fishing, water sports or cruising. Most boats will cater for these activities, but it is best to focus on buying a boat that has specific advantages when it comes to your chosen activities. Cruising boats are used for travelling, floating comfortably and entertaining guests. You can travel the world and live abroad in a suitably large boat, or you can simply float on a nearby lake or canal. Determine whether you need the boat to have overnight uses or simply day boating. Fishing boats have open cockpits that make it easier to move around and fish from different angles. You need to decide what type of fish you will predominantly be trying to cash. The bigger the type of fish, the bigger boat you need. Water sports boats are used for activities such as water skiing, scuba diving and wakeboarding. Pick a boat that is specific to your main water sport. Allow for a margin of error It is a good rule of thumb to buy a boat that is slightly bigger than your anticipated requirements. While you may want to save money by buying a smaller boat, larger ones have more space and are more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable than their smaller counterparts. It is very common for first time buyers to realise after a short span of time that their new boat is too small for their needs and look to trade it in for a bigger version. Just like a new car, a new boat instantly starts losing a lot of its value the moment it leaves the boat dealership. Therefore, you don’t want to repeat this depreciation twice by trading up for a larger boat. For more information, contact a local boar dealership like Stones Corner...

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Tips for Choosing an Air Rifle or Air Gun for Home

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in Uncategorized |

An air rifle or air handgun can be a good choice for home use; you can shoot at vermin or have fun with target practice with a gun that’s safer than a traditional rifle or handgun that uses real bullets. It may also be easier to own an air gun than it is a real gun, as there may be fewer restrictions and fewer licensing requirements for these where you live. Note however that air guns are not all alike. Some are more like toys than real guns, and some are powerful enough to actually hunt small vermin and birds. Note a few tips on how to choose an air gun for your home, depending on its usage and your own situation. 1. Strength and power Air guns will have a strength or power category, usually light, medium, and high-powered. These will tell you the distance they can shoot a pellet with accuracy. Note that the more distance you can achieve with an air gun, the more dangerous it can become. The force behind a high-powered air gun can mean getting hit with a pellet from such a gun can easily put out an eye or embed the pellet under the skin, so while these can be good for long-range target practice or for shooting at vermin and pests on your property, they may not be a good choice for children or the novice gun user. 2. Type of power An air gun might be powered by a spring or it may be powered by a air pressure chamber that needs to be charged. Generally speaking, the spring gun will have less power but note that you only need to recoil the spring, usually by a handle on the gun, before you can shoot again. With an air pressure gun, it needs to be charged up before it can be ready for more shooting, like plugging in your air compressor and allowing it to charge before you use it with your power tools. You’ll need to decide if you want to sacrifice the power of the gun for ready use, or vice versa, when choosing an air gun for home. 3. Weight and recoil If you’re using an air gun for learning how to shoot a real gun, you’ll want it to be weighted like a real gun and to have the same recoil. This will properly train the muscles in your hand and arm to react to a real gun, and you will become accustomed to how hard you need to squeeze the trigger and how firmly you need to hold the gun to protect against its...

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3 Causes of Malfunctions in Momentary Switches of Boats

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Momentary switches refer to switches that you press in order to execute a function like blowing the horn of your boat. Once you remove your finger from the switch then the action ends. This article discusses three common causes of malfunctions in momentary switches and suggests temporary fixes that you can perform to restore normal functioning in that switch. Corrosion The contact points of the switch may become so corroded that current is no longer able to flow through them. To fix this problem, open the screws holding the instrument panel in place. Remove the panel and then disconnect the wires supplying current to the momentary switch. Next, open the housing that is found at the bottom of the switch. The contact points of the switch will now be exposed. File or sand them until there is no visible sign of corrosion. Reassemble the switch mechanism and test it. Misaligned Contact Points Wear and age can cause the contact points of a momentary switch to get out of alignment. When that happens, you will get no response when you press the switch. The best option is to replace such a switch if you can locate a replacement part immediately. If you are at sea and this problem occurs, open the instrument panel as described above in order to access the switch mechanism. Observe the alignment of the contact points and use your fingers to press them back until they are straight. If you are not sure about how they should be aligned, open another switch such as the one you press to start the engine. The way the contact points of that second switch are aligned is the same way that the malfunctioning one should be aligned. Adjust the misaligned contacts until they are positioned to work properly. Reassemble the entire set up and test that switch. A Stuck Plunger The plunger onto which the switch is placed can become stuck and fail to move up or down. This can cause the switch to remain in the on or off position. One common cause of this problem is the hardening of grease (within the path of the plunger) once it is exposed to excessive heat in the boat. To fix this problem, open the switch mechanism and use a heavy rag to remove the build-up of dirt or hardened grease that has blocked the path of the plunger. The switch will work properly after that. The fixes above may not be long lasting so you need to contact providers of marine services so that a more permanent solution to the problem is implemented.  Contact a business like Midcoast Marine & Rescue Products if you have specific questions about how something on your boat is functioning or if you decide it’s time to invest in something...

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4 Tips for Sticking to a Fitness Program

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Although the idea of setting and sticking to a long-term gym program appeals to many people, most stop going to the gym within the first year. This is an important hurdle to address if you want to continue going to the gym regularly for an extended period of time. There are many tips available to help you to stick at an exercise program, and this article looks at some of the best ideas. Get the Right Location It is likely that you will need to use the gym either before or after work. To make it easier, join a gym that is located within walking distance from where you work. This makes it much easier to get to and from the gym during a working day, and will improve the likelihood that you do go. Go with a Friend If you go to the gym on your own, it can be easy to miss a session, then two sessions and so on, until you stop going at all. Arranging to go with a friend will commit you to going to the gym. Having a regular schedule of going to the gym with a friend acts as a kind of appointment system, and will increase the chancing of you keeping these appointments and getting some exercise. Be Realistic It is a good idea not to be too hard on yourself if you do miss a session. If you accept that, for example, you will exercise for eighty percent of a single year and allow yourself twenty percent of this time for aberrations (such as at holiday times or special occasions) it can help you to realise that the gym sessions are not the be all and end all of things. Knowing that you will go through times when you miss some sessions can help you to set goals that are achievable, instead of setting unreasonable goals, then punishing yourself for not achieving a goal. It is easy to become disheartened when you fail to reach set goals. Track Your Progress It can inspire and interest you when you log your times and compare them as you improve your fitness. Many modern gyms have equipment with computers that allow you to log into them (with a bar code, for example) so that you can see your previous times using a certain piece of gym equipment. This can help to make you more determined to keep with the gym program, and beat your previous times. Remember, when you do have reason to celebrate, take the time out to do so, and congratulate yourself on the good work. Seeing tangible results can go a long way to helping you stick to a gym program long term. Get more tips or insight by consulting gyms like Workout 24/7 North...

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Want To Save On Gas? Check Out Your Options For Lightweight Electric Transportation

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It might not always be possible to give up your car and rely on public transportation or just walk to work every day, but you do have many other options for saving on gas and cutting back on the emissions created when you drive. One good option to consider is lightweight electric transportation. These choices are good for getting around town, running light errands and even going to work and back if you live close enough. Check out the most popular options for lightweight electric transportation on the market today. 1. Electric bikes Pedaling a manual bike may be too much work for some, but an electric bike is a perfect solution. These run on a battery pack that you plug in and charge up, and they’re just as lightweight and portable as standard bikes. Many even come in a tricycle model for better back support, and they may also have a flat platform with a basket on the back. This makes them a perfect choice for light errands around town. Some electric bikes even collapse so you can fold them up and store them in your office, making them a good solution for your daily commute. If you’re interested in an electric bike but don’t have the money to purchase a new one, check out conversion kits. These attach to your current bike quickly and easily and handle the pedaling for you. For more information, contact a company like Melbourne Electric Bicycles. 2. Scooters A scooter is like one step up from an electric bike, and depending on its horsepower and size, you may be able to drive it in the road. Some are hybrid models, meaning they work with both gasoline and a battery, whereas others run on a battery alone. A scooter usually offers a bit of storage under the seat so you can stow a purse or laptop, and it’s a great choice for short commutes or weekend errands. 3. Neighbourhood electric vehicles These types of electric vehicles may include actual golf carts or modified golf carts that are meant specifically for driving around the neighbourhood. They’re perfect for gated communities when you just need to drive up to the community pool or recreation center, or for running to a nearby friend’s house. They can also be used at home when you have a large property; you can drive one to the back shed or barn and transport bags of feed or lawn care items without using your car or a truck. This saves you money on the fuel needed for your vehicle as well as wear and tear on...

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Benefits Of Acrylic-Paved Sporting Courts

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

For a long time, outdoor sporting courts were either made of concrete or asphalt. However, today, acrylic is slowly taking over as the better choice of paving due to its numerous benefits. The most common application is in acrylic tennis courts. Acrylic paving can also be used in other sports, such as basketball, netball and paddle tennis. Read on to see what makes acrylic a better paving material and why you should consider making the shift to acrylic. Works on many surfaces For one, acrylic surfaces can be installed on any type of flooring. Acrylic can be applied over surfaces paved with concrete or asphalt. In a standard acrylic court, asphalt or concrete acts as the base court layer. Acrylic can also be reworked on existing acrylic courts during maintenance or when carrying out repairs. Even grass tennis courts can be paved and surfaced with acrylic layers. Anyone can, therefore, turn their courts into acrylic-paved no matter what they are made of. Easy to maintain Acrylic is also quite easy to maintain compared to concrete or asphalt. In case of worn surfaces, all one has to do is apply fresh layers of acrylic instead of peeling the entire surface off. A granular resurfacer layer is applied to even the grade before fresh acrylic layers can be applied. The process is easier and takes little time, enabling play to resume after a very short time. With cracks, acrylic courts just need to be filled with the same liquid concentrate. Due to the smoother surface of the material, acrylic courts are also easy to clean. Many customisation options With concrete and asphalt, all playing courts are the same. However, you have plenty of customisation options with acrylic. For one, you can have your court cushioned through installation of a cushion layer. This absorbs shock from the surface, reducing leg strain and improving ball bounce on the court. It also reduces surface wear and cracks due to increased shock absorption. You also get the chance to apply any color on your courts. This is easily achieved by adding pigment to the acrylic mix to achieve any desired tone. Last but not least, you can also control the texture of your surfaces. The amount of texture determines foot speed, ball roll and shoe wear when playing, helping you improve performance during game play. With acrylic courts, you can get a playing surface that is specific to your needs. Talk to a contractor about the color, texture and cushioning you’d like for a precise playing field.   For more information, contact a business such as Premier Sports &...

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